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Women with Confidence features women at all stages of their lives and careers who recognize that success is a measure of their competence AND their confidence. Join us as we explore journeys of challenge and success and provide you with practical tips on how you can live your absolute worth and be all that you were meant to be.

Jun 1, 2021

Knowing your strengths and setting realistic goals is the key to success!

It is a pleasure to speak with Dr. Juliet Emamaullee, someone whom I have known since she was a medical student and already invested in medical leadership and developing others. Listen as she leads us through her journey of confidence using some of the tools and strategies which Beth and I have incorporated into our work in assisting women to empower their performance.

Dr. Emamaullee recognizes her strengths lie in the realm of medical research and mentors others to identify and work to their own strengths. Although she holds far-reaching visions for her success, she has set realistic and obtainable goals which lead her, one step at a time, towards where she wants to go and how she envisions her ultimate success. She embodies someone who has used some of the principles of our unique RISE framework to support her confidence and empower her performance!

Join Debrah as she speaks with Dr. Juliet Emamaullee, transplant surgeon and Associate Chief, Division of Clinical Research, Department of Surgery, University of Southern California. Dr. Emamaullee discusses the importance of working to your strengths, setting realistic and attainable goals, and continually envisioning success.

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